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Picture taken from one of the biggest Fitness blogs:

Going great. I’m losing weight and belly bloat. I’m..ehem..more regular than ever, and I feel so light and energetic and happy! 

That’s all I have for now =)

If you sleep eight hours per day and you live to be 60, you’ve slept for 20 years. That is reason enough for me to get up the first time my alarm goes off.
(via thedapperproject)

But sleeping is like one of the best parts of living.

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Progress. It’s Monday. I made some great tofu tacos for lunch today. They were great. And I just made a quinoa salad with cukes, mint, parsley, and avocados for lunch tomorrow.

I also had a stellar workout at the gym. Ran longer and faster without stopping than I ever have. I made it nearly to a mile (no, I cannot run a mile straight yet. Don’t judge!!). Then, I did a great shoulders and arms workout. 


Vegetarianism: Day 7

I wish this were pepperoni.

Tonight, I’m gonna cook up some tofu, some rice, and cut up an avocado & make some tacos for lunch tomorrow.


Let’s Get Fit!

Get it.


Have you seen this  Fitness BLOG


Have you seen this Fitness BLOG