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I swam with my girl Liz today. It’s my 3rd time back in the pool since 2012. Felt amazing, as usual. My body is getting a little more used to it again. 

Today we swam a 400 yard warm up (a mix of freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke). Then we decided to nearly kill ourselves with sprints (I am not in sprint shape) by doing 6x50 yard sprints. Fly, free, back, free, breast, free.

Sometime during that, some n00b (yes, I said it) got in the pool with what had to be a gallon of cologne on and we could barely stand it, so we did a 100 yard cool down instead of the planned 200 yards. We just couldn’t take it. Probably not the best idea since we both got home with headaches. 

Tip to all you non-swimmers giving it a whirl: either rinse off before entering the pool, or just don’t put perfume/cologne/body lotion/anything scented on before entering the pool.

Lyk, gag me with a spoon.

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These are great. I find that the seated leg press like this really works your quads more than the laying down leg press. 

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