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I don’t know if you remember my previous post about yoga and how much I hate it, but I took a class this past weekend, and I loved it. The instructor was amazing, and the atmosphere made it all that much better.

There were only 5 people in the class. The studio has a ton of windows and natural light, and outside the windows are climbing vines and other plants. Beautiful. Warm, Welcoming. 

The instructor was so light and bubbly and so not “yogi,” which I just can’t stand. She was edgy with tattoos up and down her arms. She didn’t play your typical yoga music with a freakin’ babbling brook in the background, she played Zeppelin and Hendrix. Pink Floyd. 

It was so laid back, yet so difficult. She barely did any of the positions herself. She came to each person individually to make sure we were all doing everything correctly. 

I’ve never had sore forearms before, but after that, I did. She worked muscles in my upper body that I didn’t know existed. 

I will be going back. In fact, I may even buy a package. Anyone who lives in North Jersey and wants a good yoga class, let me know =D

It also doesn’t help that I came across pictures of me with my p90x body.

Le sigh..

I’ve been dealing with a rough patch in my life recently. Still dealing with it, really. While fitness has been a priority, as per usual, my diet definitely has not been. You know how easy it can be to justify bad meals, right?

"I’m having a bad day, I deserve wings. They comfort me."

Well, today this caught up to me. In two weeks, I have a formal awards gala to attend for my company. I went gown shopping tonight to no avail. I mean, everything was just ugly, but even the dresses I may have liked, I didn’t like because my arms are so flabby. 

It also doesn’t help to undress yourself in front of a 3 way mirror. 

So, tomorrow. Little goals. Two weeks until the gala. Two more weeks until Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore. 

Then it’s summer.

What have I been doing?

I have always and will always reblog this.

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Today I worked from a different office to learn their procedures and so they could also learn mine.  I didn’t bag a lunch because I stayed at my boyfriend’s last night and he’s been fasting for Passover so there wasn’t really any food.  I figured we would order lunch or I could step out to grab something. The director decided to buy us all pizza. 

I’m sitting there thinking two things. 

  1. I love pizza!!! 
  2. I’m really trying to drop pounds, people! 

I can’t refuse said pizza because the director is treating us, so I grab one slice and bring it back to my desk. It’s all I ate. I got myself busy in the work that I was doing as to not look back at the additional 4 pies staring at me. And guess what? That’s all I had.

Now, this may seem like anything but a success story, but to each her own. For me to resist multiple slices of pizza is a personal victory. It’s very easy for me to just not get junk food in the first place, but when presented with it, there’s no stopping me.

So, cheers to me. I’m off to the gym.