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So last week was pretty rough. It was my brother’s birthday and I threw him a surprise party, and I was also on vacation from wed-fri, and I was sick. So I went to the gym only 3 times & ate a ton and drank a ton.

I weighed myself this morning, and my weight is at one of it’s lowest, but I look bloated and icky.

This is why people need to stop weighing themselves and taking it so seriously. Why don’t you just go by how you look and feel? The last time I woke up & thought, “wow, I am really making progress,” I weighed 155, and today I was 151. It’s a pretty useless number.

Anyway, gain some confidence. The scale is your enemy. That is all.

As I opt for the elliptical next to the mirror, I am watching myself intently (self love, okay?). I’m noticing every time I turn my head to see myself that I’m totally hunching my upper back.

Good thing I can watch myself to fix that…..

I decided that, starting tomorrow, I am going to try a month of no meat other than fish. The only reason for this is because I need to learn different sources for different nutrients. I can get protein from more places than a chicken breast! I also have a problem with eating excessive processed meats—cold cuts, Taylor ham, bacon, etc. So this will keep me from indulging at least for a month. And hey, maybe I’ll realize how much I don’t need those foods and keep it that way!

Wish me luck.


Abs are made in the kitchen

My main problem…

On a shore vacay with my girl Liz. Goals: come back tan and trim.

Well, day 1 and the trim part may be out the window. It rained until 2pm, so we did have a stellar leg day to kill time. And we did get some sun in the 4-7 shift. Not bad.

However, we ate a box of Cheez-Its, a ton of twizzlers, stuffed fish, decadent desserts, and a lot of mini Reese’s.

But hey, it’s vacation. Gotta be happy.

Today: cardio, scrambled eggs, pool, & facials.

Gyno during exam: Relax your tummy. You’re flexing.

Me: Nah, I just have a natural six pack.

Gyno: **eyeroll** really? Now’s the time you make jokes?

God, I think I’m hilarious.

You know, it’s great to say that you work on your body for you & not to care what others think, but when people start noticing and giving you compliments, my god does it feel good.

Today and last night, people couldn’t say enough about how great I look. And hey, I’m gonna toot my own horn, I DO look good!

Thanks, y’all. Made my weekend. πŸ’œ

I didn’t log on MyPlate because I was lazy, but I can tell you that I had a great day of eating!

Gluten free apple cinnamon waffle with PB

Turkey sandwich with muenster on rye

String cheese

Grilled chicken breast, green beans, brown rice.

Also did a great shoulders/bis/tris workout. FEELING GOOD TODAY!


Avocados doing yoga.

If they can do it, I can do it.


(via tumblrgym)

One time, I was making a smoothie in the morning. I’m not really a morning i’m trying to grind up some leafy greens with a little bit of almond milk. I had this grand idea of taking the lid off the bledner and sticking a metal spoon in there while it was running to smoosh down the leafy greens.

I really hurt my hand.Β 

The end.Β