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I don’t know if you remember my previous post about yoga and how much I hate it, but I took a class this past weekend, and I loved it. The instructor was amazing, and the atmosphere made it all that much better.

There were only 5 people in the class. The studio has a ton of windows and natural light, and outside the windows are climbing vines and other plants. Beautiful. Warm, Welcoming. 

The instructor was so light and bubbly and so not “yogi,” which I just can’t stand. She was edgy with tattoos up and down her arms. She didn’t play your typical yoga music with a freakin’ babbling brook in the background, she played Zeppelin and Hendrix. Pink Floyd. 

It was so laid back, yet so difficult. She barely did any of the positions herself. She came to each person individually to make sure we were all doing everything correctly. 

I’ve never had sore forearms before, but after that, I did. She worked muscles in my upper body that I didn’t know existed. 

I will be going back. In fact, I may even buy a package. Anyone who lives in North Jersey and wants a good yoga class, let me know =D

I’ve been dealing with a rough patch in my life recently. Still dealing with it, really. While fitness has been a priority, as per usual, my diet definitely has not been. You know how easy it can be to justify bad meals, right?

"I’m having a bad day, I deserve wings. They comfort me."

Well, today this caught up to me. In two weeks, I have a formal awards gala to attend for my company. I went gown shopping tonight to no avail. I mean, everything was just ugly, but even the dresses I may have liked, I didn’t like because my arms are so flabby. 

It also doesn’t help to undress yourself in front of a 3 way mirror. 

So, tomorrow. Little goals. Two weeks until the gala. Two more weeks until Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore. 

Then it’s summer.

What have I been doing?

Today I worked from a different office to learn their procedures and so they could also learn mine.  I didn’t bag a lunch because I stayed at my boyfriend’s last night and he’s been fasting for Passover so there wasn’t really any food.  I figured we would order lunch or I could step out to grab something. The director decided to buy us all pizza. 

I’m sitting there thinking two things. 

  1. I love pizza!!! 
  2. I’m really trying to drop pounds, people! 

I can’t refuse said pizza because the director is treating us, so I grab one slice and bring it back to my desk. It’s all I ate. I got myself busy in the work that I was doing as to not look back at the additional 4 pies staring at me. And guess what? That’s all I had.

Now, this may seem like anything but a success story, but to each her own. For me to resist multiple slices of pizza is a personal victory. It’s very easy for me to just not get junk food in the first place, but when presented with it, there’s no stopping me.

So, cheers to me. I’m off to the gym. 

your eyelashes hit the rim. Yeah. That’s where we’re at right now.

Last night, I attended my first ever group yoga class. I HATED IT. For many reasons. Now, I’ve only ever done yoga with the p90x program, and my friend is a yoga instructor, so I’ve done brief yoga sessions with her. But never in a group class at a gym. That alone is a turn off for me because I don’t really like group classes.

So, this was a vinyasa class. Which I didn’t know upon entering because the schedule just says, “Yoga.” So that sucked. The instructor turned off the ceiling fans and closed the door to the studio so it was a muggy 80 degrees in there. This wasn’t supposed to be a modo yoga session, just regular yoga. Like, what are you doing?

The instructor also never left her spot at the front of the room.  I know people (including myself) were doing things incorrectly and she did not once step out on the floor to correct anyone.  This just seems like poor instruction, if you ask me (which you didn’t, but I’m telling you anyway). 

All in all, I spent an hour sweating my ass off and twisting my body into weird positions, not knowing if I was hurting myself or not.

At least i sweat a lot during it? I guess.

I swam with my girl Liz today. It’s my 3rd time back in the pool since 2012. Felt amazing, as usual. My body is getting a little more used to it again. 

Today we swam a 400 yard warm up (a mix of freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke). Then we decided to nearly kill ourselves with sprints (I am not in sprint shape) by doing 6x50 yard sprints. Fly, free, back, free, breast, free.

Sometime during that, some n00b (yes, I said it) got in the pool with what had to be a gallon of cologne on and we could barely stand it, so we did a 100 yard cool down instead of the planned 200 yards. We just couldn’t take it. Probably not the best idea since we both got home with headaches. 

Tip to all you non-swimmers giving it a whirl: either rinse off before entering the pool, or just don’t put perfume/cologne/body lotion/anything scented on before entering the pool.

Lyk, gag me with a spoon.

I apologize for my lack of presence here.  I had a death in my family and was dealing with the grieve all week.  It was the most draining week of my life.  My mind and body were exhausted. I slept it off and went back to work and slept some more this weekend.  I wound up with a cold, of course! 

So, I had every intention of swimming yesterday, but I couldn’t breathe through my nose and I have a little bit of a cough, so I figured I’d probably wind up choking on water if I even tried to swim.  I did work out, though! 

I have to say, joining this new gym was the best decision.  I work out way harder, I sweat more, and I’m feeling more challenged to try new exercises, higher weights, longer runs, etc. Even yesterday when I wasn’t feeling well.

My hammies are super sore (and tight, as they always are. Ugh) from a great leg workout, and I did an ab workout with moves I’d never done before.  My abs definitely feel like they did some work, but my back feels really tight—in a good way. I love how some work outs really work other muscles in your body and you don’t even realize it while it’s happening! 

Back to the gym today, probably to get some shoulders, bis, tris in. 

So I’m talking to my coworker about a mutual weight loss goal. She’s new to the gym, so I’m giving her some workouts to do. So tonight, I asked her what her goal weight is and she told me she wants to lose 47 lbs. SHE’S CRAZY! She’s not a stick, but she’s a beautiful curvy black girl and could stand to lose maybe 15 lbs?

Anyway, so I start lecturing her about being healthy. I told her it’s more important how you feel than the number on the scale.

Her response? “I feel like Naomi Campbell.” Yep. Followed by a hair flip.

She’s got this.

As a current member at Planet Fitness, I’m constantly looking for a better gym, but can’t seem to justify the cost compared to my measly $10/mo. Living in the Greater New York City area, where prices on anything you can imagine are pretty much doubled compared to the rest of the United States, it’s difficult to find a gym membership that is less than $50/mo. 

Over the weekend, I went to 24 Hour Fitness with my friend. The gym is phenomenal. They have an entire space for cardio, an entirely separate space for abs, a beautiful hardwood room for group classes that can be used privately when there are no classes scheduled, a separate weight room, a sauna, a steam room, an indoor track, indoor basketball court, raquetball, and, get ready, A POOL. 

This is the cherry on top of my ice cream sundae.  As a former swimmer, a pool is really a key detail in gym hunting. And get this, it’s only $50/mo for all of this! 

So, I ask you, my fitness friends, do you think it’s worth it for me to join?