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She is really big into her health, her wellness, and the dreaded yoga (well, I dread it at least!). So she has had a few inspirational things to say and I was going to write a whole thing about her, but I think she worded everything she had to say beautifully, so I’m just going to quote her.

What got you into fitness and healthy living? And do you find that it is a happiness that comes in and through hard work rather than what is present when there is not work? I always find that to be the case. Yoga is NOT easy, not eating chocolate is NOT easy, etc. But its a different kind of happiness, a more spiritual happiness, if you will, that is attained than giving into the immediacy of one’s desires… Its a form of cultivation. I think about healthy things a lot and I know A LOT about healthy things. Makes me SO happy to hear that you are taking care of your body. Also, fitness is not only about the physical. Fitness is mental fitness as well… so that needs to be figured out. Also, my one word to you: TEA!!!! Tea is so important. It is liquid goal, so to speak.

——Anna Katsman

She has grown to be such a beautiful woman with a beautiful mind and spirit. It’s amazing how life guides you to people when you need them most. I have not spoken to her in years and all-the-sudden, there she is! Ready to motivate me and inspire me to work for my goals and aspirations.

My professor for Psych of Adjustment has us doing an extra credit project. Everyday, we have to write 3 positive things that happened to us for one month. Positive psychologists say this can help you learn to recognize the positive side in every situation. I’m on day 4. I’ll see what happens by the end!